Hilong Awarded Pakistan Oil Service Integrated Technical Service Contract

On May 23, 2017, Hilong signed an oil service integrated technical service contract with United Energy Pakistan Limited (UEPL) in Karachi, Pakistan, valued no less than USD 11,000,000. Hilong Group Executive President Wang Tao and others attended and witnessed the signing ceremony.

According to the contract, Hilong Oil Service and Engineering Co., Ltd. will provide 1+8 deep well comprehensive technical services contracting for United Energy Pakistan Limited, including directional wells, mud technology, drilling, well cementing, casing, cuttings, and other integrated technical services. Of these, one well has been completed with a contract term of one year.

“To be awarded this contract is a major breakthrough for Hilong oil service, reflecting the growing maturity of Hilong’s oil service integrated technical service capabilities and marking the recognition and praise of a main industry operator for Hilong’s oil service integrated technical service capabilities. This has laid the foundation for Hilong’s further expansion into oilfield integrated technical service fields in other regions around the globe,” said President Wang.

United Energy Pakistan Limited consists of Pakistani oil and gas assets acquired by United Energy Group Ltd. (United Energy) from BP in 2011. United Energy is principally engaged in upstream oil and gas exploration and production, development and operations, etc. The company has subsidiaries in China and Pakistan.