Consulting and Services

(1) Technical consulting and solutions:

Our team of experts will analyze your needs and provide you with optimal product solutions.

• We improve your operational efficiency through product design and technical improvement.

• We reduce your operational risks by ensuring construction safety.

• We meet you immediate needs and reduce your costs through the rational balancing and deployment of resources.

(2) One- stop services for the whole supply chain:

We provide you with one-stop services for the whole supply chain starting from the integration of your needs for the project and then onwards through the organization of production, the shipment, and finally the delivery at the end-use location. 

(3) Inspection, repair and maintenance:

We offer a team of 50 experts and more than 600 units or sets of testing equipment, covering the whole range of products that we offer. 

(4) Field guidance:

For large integrated projects, we will not only provide you with the products, but also dispatch professionals to guide field installation and commissioning in accordance with your needs.