Well Completion

Well completion is a critical stage in gas/oil well construction and consists of a systematic process that begins with drilling into the oil containing layers, running casing, injecting cement and proceeds through perforation and the running of production string. The well completion string is run as a final step to allow for hydrocarbon flow to the surface. When the hydrocarbon reservoirs have been tested and the oilfield is considered ready for commercial development, the wells that have been drilled and explored need to be completed in order to be able to achieve optimal commercial production. Protecting the hydrocarbon reservoir and prolonging the life of hydrocarbon deliverability are the core targets of well completion.

As of the present, the company has successfully provided well completion technical services in regards to more than 200 wells for both domestic and foreign clients, and it has accumulated abundant experience in field operations. The company has established complete technical service and support networks for many overseas locations, which enables the company to provide more comprehensive one-stop technical services to our customers in regards to well completion.

I. Wellhead and Christmas tree

A wellhead refers to the general configuration of the surface components on the top of an oil well. Wellhead equipment is used to hang the well and seal the oil tubing and casing and thus control the wellhead pressure and the flow rate of the oil/gas wells.

A Christmas tree is a type of wellhead device used to extract petroleum from flowing wells and mechanical recovery wells. It is mainly used to hang the oil tubing string that has been run into the well, seal the tubing-casing annulus, control and regulate oil well production, assure operation and intervention, log oil pressure and casing pressure data, test the well, and manage routine production activities such as dewaxing.

The company always produces the optimal wellhead structure design and selects the appropriate product models for its clients. The company is able to offer product field installation and testing services and other related technical services.

The company has provided wellhead and Christmas tree well completion services for nearly 100 wells in a number of overseas countries. High technical capabilities, abundant operational experience and high-quality wellhead and Christmas tree equipment have made Hilong renowned in the industry for its petroleum services. The company has already developed its technical capabilities and the level of its associated services to a very mature state and is able to adapt the services it offers for wellhead and Christmas tree completion to various complicated conditions.

II.Oil testing

Oil testing is a process for the obtaining of data on the deliverability of the formation, the properties of formation fluid and other aspects through various operational sequences, including perforation, blow-out inducing, swabbing, pressure testing, etc.

The company’s Ecuador project team work crews numbered HL-7, HL-16, HL-15 and HL-17 and the Colombia project team work crew numbered HL-9 are all able to provide post-completion oil testing technology/services. They have completed oil testing on nearly 50 deep wells, and among these wells, well VIGIA2ST of the Colombia project achieved a very high production rate during the oil testing carried out by the company’s Colombia project team, with an average daily crude oil output of 2,300 bbls. In response to these high numbers, the client was fully satisfied with the oil testing technical services provided by the company. At present, the company provides oil testing on almost all the wells being operated by us, as intended by our clients, which include internationally reputable oil and oil service companies such as Shell and Schlumberger. During these endeavors, the company has performed at a very high level, which demonstrates the technical competence and professional proficiency of our employees. The company is highly confident in its capacity to provide quality technical services to any oil company.