Deflection Fracturing Technology


Deflection fracturing technology refers to the injection of a fracture diverting agent during the fracturing process. Rooted in the principles of bridge plugging, the technology is aimed at achieving the plugging of hydraulic fractures by using the plasticity of the temporary plugging agent and the stiffness of the proppant by controlling the hydraulic fracturing operation parameters and thus increasing the net hydraulic fracture pressure. Through effective plugging and other technical controls, the fractures are forced to divert.



Process flow of plugging and diversion


Application results:

As of now, deflection fracturing field tests have been conducted on 15 wells. Based on the production conditions of the oil zones, the forcefully diverted fracture technique utilizing a temporary plugging agent was employed. Analysis shows that the diversion of the fractures was successfully achieved, with a diversion rate of more than 80%. As of the present, positive results have been obtained in 100% of the deflection fracturing operations.