Top Drive Casing Running Services

The company uses advanced top drive casing running devices to significantly improve the efficiency and safety of casing running operations.(Such as Tesco)


1. Use the guide device to guide the casing running tool into the casings;

2. The actuator controls the expansion of the rubber cup to seal the casing;

3. The casing gripper holds the casing joints like the slips;

4. The actuator can make the rubber cup expand open the casing gripper to hold the casing;

5. The top drive connector allows the casing to rotate.

i. Deficiencies of conventional casing running:

1.Casing joints need to be forcefully pressed down through complicated well segments in the event of diameter shrinkage or dogleg. Such an operation involves risks, and it is possible that the casings need to be pulled out and re-run into the hole after drifting with the drill pipe string.

2.It is difficult for the casings to be run to the designed position when there is sand sediment at the bottom of the wellbore.

3.Special mud injection equipment and time are required for the running of casings.

4.During the running of casings, the process of mud circulation during the installing of casing heads is complicated.

iiThe advantages of the company’s top drive casing running method:

   High operational safety.

   Mud can be injected during the running of casings, and special mud injection equipment is not required.

   The top drive is used to make up the casing joint, so special hydraulic casing tongs are not required.

   The weight of the casing is borne by the central pipe of the top drive; thus a heavy duty elevator and elevator link are not required.

   Save time required for well drifting and reduce the duration of the process.

   Smoothly pass through the complicated well sections by rotating and reaming, mitigating operational risks and reducing the time of operations.

   Mud circulation can be initiated in a timely and convenient fashion at any location of the derrick, so installation of a circulation head is not required.

   The wellbore can be reamed to the bottom.

   Great economic benefits.