Air Drilling and Foam Drilling Technology

Air and foam drilling technology is an underbalanced drilling technology that uses air, nitrogen or foam as the circulating medium as well as air compressors and other equipment for the pressurization and rotary blowout preventers (BOPs) as the wellhead pressure control devices. Gas is continuously injected into the mud at a given pressure and flow rate in order to create aerated mud. The density of the aerated mud may be controlled to be within a range from 0.60 to 0.90 in order to achieve goals such as the protection of the hydrocarbon reservoir, the improvement of the rate of penetration (ROP), among other objectives. In comparison to conventional drilling technologies, this technology offers higher values for extended application.

The company possesses mature air drilling and foam drilling technology and has applied air drilling technology during its operations in the Kurdistan region. Through the long-term application of this technology, the rate of penetration has been significantly improved and pay zone contamination has been minimized.