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Staff Training

New Staff Orientation: The new staff orientation is organized so that new employees come to understand the corporate culture, their future career development directions, their duties and responsibilities, their personal benefits, and various systems.

HSE System Training: The entire staff is trained in HSE management procedures so that they master the HSE risk analysis methods and learn to analyze the hazards related to their posts, thus ensuring that they truly grasp the approaches underlying the system and actually apply them to perform risk assessment and control during the course of their work.

“Drilling English” Training: The drilling-related English course is of great significance in terms of how it can help the staff to study foreign technologies and explore the foreign drilling market. We provide newly recruited drilling workers with time away from their normal work activities for the specialized drilling English training.

In-service Training: As a rapidly growing company, we inevitably have a lot of problems that need to be solved, so we have designed a series of practical and systematic training programs for staff of different levels and positions that are based on the needs of our development so that employees can make use of their knowledge for the benefit of the Company.

Drilling Qualification Certificate Training: Only a competent and efficient team can survive amid fierce market competition. Therefore, we provide for the enhancement of drilling qualification certificate training in order to cultivate a highly skilled team of drilling workers. Such training plays a vital role in improving the competitiveness of the whole team.

QHSE Training: On a regular basis, the internal auditors of various departments are organized to study the QHSE system files to ensure that all procedures and systems are observed and to facilitate employees’ understanding of their work objectives.

Drilling Knowledge Training: On a regular basis, all relevant personnel are organized to update their knowledge of the drilling industry because they must be familiar with the Company's core business before they can serve the Company well.

  Post Training Content
Central Office Positions General Manager -Corporate Strategy and Development
-Vision and Leadership
-Corporate Culture 
-Management Systems
-New Staff Orientation
-Drilling Knowledge
-HSE Management
-Drilling English 
-Communication Skills
-Work Etiquette
-Career Development
-Office Software
-Time Management
-Stress Management
Vice General Manager
Assistant General Manager -Team Building -Employee Motivation -Manager Training -HSE System
-QHSE System
-Drilling Operations
(Deputy) Department Manager
Assistant Department Manager -Special Skills for Individual Posts
-Internal QHSE Auditing
Assistants ↑
Branch Office Positions Management Channel Technology Channel  
(Deputy) Project General Manager




Technical Director

-Project Management
-Team Building
-Employee Motivation
-Manager Training
-HSE System
-QHSE System
-Forensics Training
-Project Accident Cases
-Operation Contracts
-Field Operation Rules and Precautions
-Local Culture of Host Countries
(Deputy) Operation Manager
Platform (Cementing) Manager
Toolpushers ↑
Various Technicians ↑ -Special Skills for Individual Posts
-Equipment Operation Guide