The Hilong Tubing & Casing Base is located in Coca, an oil town in the northern part of Ecuador that is a 5 minute drive from the local airport. The Base covers an area of 20,000 square meters and is surrounded by the oilfield blocks of many major oil companies, such as the main blocks of Petroamazonas, the Tarapoa and Kupi blocks of Andes Petroleum, the Sacha block of RIO NAPO, the Shushufindi block of Schlumberger, and blocks of Agip, Petrosud, Tecpecuador, Ivanhoe, Petrobell, and Sipec, as well as famous oilfield engineering service companies, such as Weatherford, Halliburton, Baker Huges, PDVSA, CNPC, and Sinopec.

The Hilong COCA Base also cooperates with pipes and parts service providers, such as Weatherford, Tubscope, Insepeca, SAPS, Global Inspection, and M-I SWACO, to provide more reliable after-sales service for Hilong products.

The Hilong COCA Base mainly serves the following functions:

1. The storing and distribution of OCTG pipes (including various tubing & casings, drill pipes, line pipes, structural pipes, etc.) for the oilfield blocks of major oil companies

2. Support for a number of Hilong drilling and workover rigs in the field

3. The provision of drilling rig parts services for drilling companies in the surrounding area.

The Base is very favorably located; as such, Hilong goods can be delivered to major oilfield blocks and oil companies in a timely manner.