Oil Bailing

Our company has a large talent pool in many disciplines of gas/oil field development and has rich experience in the exploitation of various conventional and complicated hydrocarbon reservoirs, such as sandstone, carbonate and limestone reservoirs. This expertise enables the company to offer the gas/oil field exploitation technologies noted below.

The company has oil bailing equipment (HILONG-12) in Ecuador, and it is currently providing oil bailing services to our client there. Since the initiation of the project in Ecuador in March of 2011, 31,748 bbls of crude oil have been exploited for the client, with an average daily crude output close to 270 bbls, maximum single day oil production of 358 bbls, and a maximum single well oil production of 1,226 bbls. Operations involving 157 wells have been completed. These numbers provide the most direct evidence for the client’s satisfaction in regards to oilfield output, production initiation, and successful results. The company has also achieved great acclaim from the client, owing to the outstanding HSE performance and efficient operations that the company has been engaging in since the commencement of the project.