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Talent Concept

The Hilong Group’s Strategy Concerning Talented Personnel:

Talent Personnel Strategy


A team of talented individuals that excel in the fields of petroleum equipment, energy, chemicals, and oilfield services;


A team of expert mid- and high-end management personnel that have a thorough understanding of the industry;


A team of technical personnel with solid theoretical knowledge and professional proficiency;


A team of highly-skilled personnel with practical experience and operational skills

Talented Personnel Concept of Hilong Oil Service & Engineering Co., Ltd.:

Take the Group’s strategy concerning talented personnel as the guidelines to select, cultivate, use, and retain talent based on the human resource needs of the Company and the industry, construct a competent, efficient, happy, and vibrant team, and build Hilong into a comprehensive oilfield technical services company!

Selection of Talented Personnel

They must have both ability and integrity, and they must be magnanimous, hardworking, and passionate

Drilling crews usually work in faraway places like primordial forests, vast deserts, and boundless oceans. Oil workers must have noble character and solid expertise. Also, an oil worker needs to endure hardships and loneliness, and more importantly, the worker needs to maintain a good mindset and a positive spirit!


Cultivation of Talented Personnel  

Provide individualized training and give full play to their strengths

Supported transitions into new job placements: helping employees quickly adjust to their jobs through initial training, job responsibilities training, and job skills training;

Improvement of employee competence: understanding their strengths and weaknesses and the organizing of generic skills training and special skills training to help them improve their job skills.


Utilization of Talented Personnel

Use the capable ones, replace the average ones, dismissed the incapable ones.

Implement performance appraisal and talent competition systems so that capable personnel are utilized and promoted, average personnel are replaced, and incapable personnel are dismissed.


Retaining Talented Personnel  

Satisfied employees make for a successful company

A positive corporate culture, practical and effective employee development training, scientific and reasonable channels for competition, and fair and competitive remuneration packages are all meant to enhance employee satisfaction and loyalty. Hilong is convinced that only satisfied employees can make for a successful company.