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Organization Structure

The Company is divided into 13 departments with distinct functions:

The General Manager's Office、Human Resources Department、Marketing Development Department、 Production & Operations Department、Safety、Quality Control and Environment Protection Department、Technology Development Department、Drilling Fluid Technology Department、Equipment Management Department、Equipment Assembling Center、Trade Department、Logistics Department、Finance and Business Management Department、Contract Department.

In line with actual needs, the Company will consider establishing subsidiaries, branches, or project departments at home or abroad so as to achieve unified and efficient management.

The Company has established 7 subsidiaries and branches across various countries and regions:

Hilong Petroleum Technology & Engineering Co., Ltd (located in Kazakhstan)

Hilong Oil Service & Engineering Ecuador Cia. Ltda. (located in Ecuador)

Hilong Oil Service & Engineering Nigeria Limited. (located in Nigeria)

Hilong Oil Service Sucursal Colombia (located in Colombia)

Hilong Drilling & Supply FZE (located in Dubai, UAE)

Hilong Oil Service Ltd. (located in Malaysia)

Hilong Oil Service & Engineering Pakistan (Private) Limited (located in Pakistan)