Hilong-28 650 Workover Rig Started Spudding in Ecuador Project

    The Hilong-28 Team of the Ecuador Project of Hilong Oil Service & Engineering Co., Ltd. officially started spudding at 11:00 AM local time on May 14, 2013!

    Since its first set of workover equipment HL-3 went into operation in Ecuador in 2009, the Company has completed drilling and workover services in Ecuador with 8 sets of drilling, workover, and extraction equipment, thus establishing Hilong as a strong brand in Ecuador. This time, Hilong joined hands with PAM, an Ecuadorian state-sponsored oil company. Thanks to the Project Department's hard work, the contract was signed on January 25, 2013. With Hilong’s success in winning the bid for the PAM project and HL-28 going into operation, Hilong has once again made progress in winning over high-end customers and successfully furthered its exploration of the Ecuadorean market, marking an important milestone in its history.

    The HL-28 team finished loading the cargo for the operation on February 10, 2013, left the Port of Tianjin on February 13, and arrived in Esmeraldas, Ecuador on March 28. Customs clearance, installation, and commissioning procedure were quickly completed. After successfully completing stringent inspection by the first party to the project and a third-party inspection company, the 650 workover rig went into operation on May 14th at 11:00 am. The high levels of efficiency evident from the above dates reflects not only the high morale, great dedication, and elaborate organization and coordination of the project team led by General Manager Zhang Bingzhong, but also the superb expertise and competence of Hilong personnel.

    Admittedly, the HL-28 team still has a long way to go, and the Project Department will continue to make it their duty to establish Hilong as a strong and famous brand in Ecuador. It will work hard perseveringly and forge ahead steadily. The Project Department will comprehensively carry out its fundamental management responsibilities, particularly in terms of HSE management and anti-terrorism security, and it will communicate and implement the system of personal responsibility and safety practices, all as part of its efforts in building the HL-28 team into an outstanding team!